APRS Frequencies

Primary VHF Networks

Alternative Input VHF Networks

For low-powered trackers only:

UHF Networks

Six Meters

HF Frequencies

Dial frequencies based on default tones used in popular packet devices.

30 meters, 300 baud packet, Worldwide
 USB Dial FrequencyMark FrequencyLSB Dial Frequency
KAM, MFJ, TinyTrak10.147.600 MHz10.149.200 MHz10.151.000 MHz
AEA 10.147.100 MHz10.149.200 MHz10.151.500 MHz
Detailed table: HF-APRS-Frequency-Calculation.pdf


SatelliteUplink FrequencyDownlink FrequencyAliasModeStatusSchedule
ISS 145.825 MHz 145.825 MHz ARISS 1200 baud AFSK packet Active
PCSAT-2 145.825 MHz 435.275 MHz ARISS or WIDE2-2 1200 baud AFSK packet Active
PCSAT-1 (NO-44) 145.825 MHz 145.825 MHz ARISS 1200 baud AFSK packet Daylight Ops Only

Satellites are subject to doppler shift and you should adjust your uplink/downlink accordingly. Doppler will make the frequency on a LEO shift as follows:
2 m ±3 KHz (FM capture effect negates the need to adjust on this band)
70 cm ±10 KHz
13 cm ±50 KHz

Original: http://info.aprs.net/index.php?title=Frequencies